Innovative, practical, cost-effective solutions

At Performance Engineering Group we use the latest in advanced Cad Cam Systems throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our engineering design and forensic mechanical analysis processes allow our engineers to determine the most innovative, practical solutions for your project, saving you time and money.

We use NX™ Cad Cam systems for all engineering and design projects, including structural steelwork and complete part design. NX™ is one of the leading high-end Cad Cam systems in the world today. We maintain licences to use by NX™ by Siemens AG.

How we work

Once a component has been designed, the Cad model is dispatched to the machine shop where one of our machinists will use NX™ to generate the complex toolpaths required to manufacture the part.

Newcastle Engineering Design
Sydney Engineering Design services

Using such a high-end Cad Cam system enables us to improve the manufacturing process, thereby reducing costs and providing shorter lead times for our clients.

Why NX™?

NX™, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, delivers the advanced performance and leading-edge technologies we need to master complexity.

Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through to engineering and manufacturing, NX™ provides us with an integrated toolset that:

  • Coordinates disciplines,
  • Preserves data integrity and design intent,
  • Streamlines the entire process,
  • Boosts productivity and the decision-making process,
  • Helps us deliver better products faster and more efficiently,
  • Facilitates collaboration between our engineers and our clients, and
  • Allows us to address the most complex problems (including complex geometry and massive assemblies) significantly reducing physical prototyping.

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